Who am I?

I do a job that’s all about questions. I get paid to ask them and to answer them, which is nice because it comes naturally. Doesn’t mean I’m necessarily any good at it, but at least it’s something I like to do.

Outside my paid work, some of my big questions are about discovering what makes us tick and why, and about whether there’s a better way to “do life”than our mainstream culture’s suggestion of:  bigger, better, faster, more. I believe that there is.

A couple of years ago I concluded that the answer these questions can be found through a relationship with Jesus. So I set out to get to know him and to follow him, and it started to change my life. I can honestly say that he’s never let me down, but it would be wrong to say it’s an easy path. It isn’t. Life can be pretty hard, and I’m at least as good as anyone else at messing things up.

For me the bottom line is finding the truth with a capital “T”. Jesus claims it’s him, and I choose to believe that. We all choose to believe something, whether we’ve recognised it or not.

But I also have questions, and I want to try to handle them honestly; to tackle them. I trust as best I can that if Jesus is true, he can deal with them.

So I suspect that’s what this blog will mostly be about. Questions about the Christian faith; attempts to answer them; observations about Jesus, his teachings and what it means to be a disciple in the 21st century. And probably some other random-ness to spice it up a little.

If I have  questions and observations, probably you do too. Maybe you can help me with my questions, and maybe I can reciprocate. You disagree with me? Great. Tell me why and let’s discuss it. Know something that might help? Please let me know.