Robbie Williams is (nearly) back

Robbie_Williams-Bodies-300x300Of course, if you’re a female in your 30’s or you watch the X Factor you almost certainly know that already. And I’m guessing you’re either delighted and have your pre-order in with iTunes for the album’s release next Monday, and you’ve been sneaky peeking the previews or you’re trying to drown out the every mention of his name (in which case you’re probably not reading this).

Love him or hate him, Robbie likes to court a little controversy. It’s good for sales figures, after all.

I’ve been pondering what his latest single, Bodies, is getting at. Here’s an excerpt…

God gave me the sunshine 
Then showed me my lifeline 
I was told it was all mine 
Then I got laid on a leyline 
What a day, What a day… 
And your Jesus really died for me 
Then Jesus really tried for me

U.K. in entropy 
I feel like it’s fucking me 
Wanna feed off the energy 
Love livin’ like a deity 
One a day, One day 
And your Jesus really died for me 
I guess Jesus really tried for me

Bodies in the bodhi tree 
Bodies making chemistry 
Bodies are my family 
Bodies in the way of me 
Bodies in the cemetery 
And that’s the way it’s gonna be

All we’ve ever wanted 
Is to look good naked 
Hope that someone can take it 
God save me rejection 
From my reflection 
I want perfection

Praying for the rapture 
Cause it’s strange and gettin stranger 
And everything’s contagious 
It’s a modern middle ages 
All day, every day 
And if Jesus really died for me 
Then Jesus really tried for me

Profound? meaningless? I’m not sure. According to comments, the song’s a criticism of  George W Bush and the Iraq war. If so, did Jesus really need to come into it?

Someone said to me once that they thought the reason people who claim they couldn’t care less or don’t believe in God take his name in vain is that they realise on a deep subconscious level, that there’s huge power in God’s name, and that “For J…. sake” implies “for the sake of the highest thing I can think of”, even if that’s not what you think you really believe. I’m not sure it’s right, but it’s an interesting thought. And although I’m not sure I agree with it, I’m not sure I can come up with a better answer as to why an atheist, who might be expected to have no reason to make reference to God in any context, would blaspheme…

So what’s Robbie about here? He probably says it’s got nothing to do with God. And yet he can’t quite stay clear of the topic somehow, can he? No big deal. Except that if God’s so irrelevant, why does our talk so often keep coming back round to him?


3 responses to “Robbie Williams is (nearly) back

  1. Robbie sings here about how Jesus and Christianity takes away the God-given freedom and that God is really the only one that should matter!

    Christianity is there only to controll, kill and abuse and has been twisted so far from the raw truth many centuries ago!

    Then showed me my LIFELINE
    I was told it WAS all MINE
    Then I got LAID on a LEYLINE
    What a day, What a day…
    And YOUR (not mine) Jesus really died for me
    Then JESUS really TRIED (didn’t succeed) for me

    Well done for singing about the truth! I love the song and lyrics!

  2. Ruan> Hmm. Not sure I agree with you…If what he’s singing about is God’s importantance, why would he be saying either that jesus died for him or that Jesus tried for him?

  3. @Damascusmoments> Christianity basically hijacked God as their own and it’s perceived that the only way to God is through Jesus by the Christians. What he is saying is that God gave him sunshine (life) and that Christianity and Jesus burst his bubble. He doesn’t say that Jesus died for him, but he says that YOUR Jesus died for him. What he is saying is that Jesus is not he’s. He then says that Jesus tried, but that he failed.

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