Biblical Sexuality

stained_glass_cross_and_rainbow_op_800x6171Is the dispute about homosexuality which has followed the church for such a long time now, and been so divisive, about to rear its ugly head in the Church of Scotland?

There was an interesting article in The Times earlier this week – read it here.

Muriel Armstrong weighs into the debate in her editorial in Life & Work, the Church of Scotland Magazine:  

“What is clear to the lay-person is that not everything Biblical is Christ-like”.

Serious, thought provoking stuff. And here’s a big question for the Church to answer. It runs the risk, as controversial questions can’t help but do, of  falling foul of  responses that lack moderation and Christ-like-ness.

I’ll follow what happens with interest. What concerns me, perhaps more than whether the stance that’s taken agrees or disagrees with my own (not necessarily correct) view, is that the church should have a view and state it – compassionately, yes, but clearly. The approach taken by Reverend Ian Galloway, convener of the Kirk’s Church and Society Council, in The Herald this week is that Life and Work is editorially independent and that:

“The Church does not have a particular view, and there are different views within the Church of Scotland”.

How then is the church to teach on this topic – which Christians are likely to be asked about and those considering Christianity are likely to probe?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for some hard line judgment. What we need is compassionate, intelligent, biblical conversation on this sensitive issue. When the matter’s addressed by the General Assembly next month, I really hope the Church of Scotland can take the opportunity wisely to steer the conversation.


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