religulous_l200806061617I’ve been pondering whether to go and see Religulous. About 6 months ago someone showed me a trailer. Gotta be honest – it made me chuckle.

I’ve read a few reviews. They made me question whether I should steer clear, especially the ones from Christian sites, which major on the offence the Christian community might take. But then again, if something really annoys someone, there’s usually a reason for that…

I can see why people with a faith would choose not to see Religulous. Even putting to one side for now the offence it might cause to people of other faiths, this is a film, judging from the trailer, that’s going to deride what I believe in as a Christian. Let me illustrate: if I had a friend who loved me so much they allowed their own child to die in order to save my life, and someone made a movie satirising that, how  do you think it would be received. Would I go to see it? No… because it would be hurtful to my friend. But more generally, how would the press receive it? Pretty badly, you’d hope. To say it would be in bad taste would be an understatement.

And yet I’ve decided I’m going to see Religulous. Why? Because although I see strong parallels between the analogy I’ve just made and my relationship with God, the larger part of society doesn’t see it that way. You know, I’m open to being challenged. Most of all I want to be reminded of how you see things if you don’t agree with my worldview. I might not like it, but I want to understand it. I know you have your reasons, and I want us to be able to talk honestly about it. I’d like you to engage in what I think, and I want to engage with what you think too.

If you’ve seen Religulous, or you have a view about whether seeing it’s a good idea, let me know… I’ll post my review in a couple of days.


6 responses to “Religulous

  1. If you are a true believer, yes that movie would really make you upset.Bill Maher is too full of himself to humble himself and say that Jesus is Lord of everything.He made fun of everything that made Jesus look devine.Through the film he seems to really seeking the Lord but too ignorant to admit it. It will be a sad day when he’s called before the judgement seat of God.

    • But what about the hoardes of people who’ll see the movie and agree with Maher? My thinking is that I should see anyway – otherwise how am I in a position to engage in the “discussion” (balanced or otherwise) he deals with?

  2. that’s always the question isn’t it… do you need to view ‘wrongness’ in order to discuss it? Can this movie be considered something that a Christian should not view because it is heretical and sinful? Or is something we should engage in? Can it be discussed without being viewed? I guess that’s what the real question is.

  3. I’m not sure we can discuss it without viewing it — otherwise, we aren’t presenting the other side’s views fairly. (Isn’t that a major complaint of Christians — that our beliefs are taken out of context and distorted?)

    Frankly, watching the trailer, it looks like Maher is raising a lot of questions that Christians should be able to answer intelligently. Yes, a lot of our beliefs look foolish to others, and nothing we say will change that, but we add to our unintelligent image by making judgments about movies and books we haven’t personally seen or read. We can’t form counterarguments if we haven’t really listened to the argument.

    I don’t, however, believe it is necessary for EVERY Christian to view it. If you don’t know any nonbelievers who are likely to watch it, for example, you aren’t likely to be drawn into a discussion of it. In that case, you’re better off watching a few of the things your nonbelieving friends DO see regularly so that you can formulate a Christian response to the ideas they’re seeing presented.

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